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  • BO

    Bo is very very shy at the moment, just in to the Shelter and a bit unsure. He is a black fluffy male cat 9 years old.

  • Boyo

    Boyo is a handsome grey/ white male cat, 6 years old. He is used to being outside, as he has been a stray for some time, with a number of people feeding him. He has now been neutered and health checked and is hoping for a permanent home.

  • Flo

    Flo is a pretty tortie/ white girl , 8 years old. We are told she has a good nature with children. She is too fat at the moment, so a new owner will have to feed her recommended amounts of food and no treats !

  • Fredo

    Fredo is a very handsome tabby boy , can't be absolutely accurate about his age, but we estimate 3 years. Lovely friendly cat who is accustomed to going outside, loves chasing any leaves flying about! He is now ready for rehoming as he has just had his teeth scaled and polished.

  • Milo

    Meet Milo , a 4 year old male Bengal, who has had a dreadful start in life. He came into the Shelter a couple of weeks ago, having turned up, starving, at a farm in the middle of nowhere. We were shocked to see how unbelievably thin this poor cat was, you could feel every bone in his body. He has been health checked, had a broken tooth removed and has put on 1 kg in 2 weeks, which is great , but we want to see him gain more weight still. He had obviously been starving for some time.
    He is very frightened but once he gets to know you he will come to get patted, which he loves.
    We are being extremely stringent about where Milo goes to, in terms of a new home. His new owner , preferably would have experience of bengals, but he/ she will need to be very patient and give this lovely cat time to feel safe and secure again. We think he would be best as the only cat in a household, he has had enough trauma in his life and would like to be thoroughly spoiled.
    A quiet , calm household is what he needs. A household with no young children. He may in time want to venture outside, but certainly not at the moment, we just don't know.

  • Mogli

    Mogli is a handsome 5 year old black/ white male cat. Nice nature, but needs to be the only cat in a household, and is not confident with young children.

  • TY

    Ty is 9 years old, He is just adjusting and settling in to his new surroundings.

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