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  • Annie

    Annie, pretty tabby /white female cat, aged around 4 years. Nice natured cat, but we have no background on her as she came into the Shelter as a stray. Very friendly , loves to purr! Lovely cat!

  • Cynthia

    Cynthia's owner is now in a care home and there was nowhere for Cynthia to go.She is 13 years old, had a full health check and dental, she hopes someone will give her then chance of a new home.

  • Eartha

    Eartha is a lovely black/white female cat, currently likes to hide under her blanket. She is 11 years old, has a gentle nature, and came into the Shelter because of illness in the family.

  • Ebony

    Ebony is a handsome black 2 year old male cat. Very friendly , loves attention and won't stay still long enough for good photo!

  • Elsie

    Elise is a tabby/white female cat 11 years old, who enjoys lying in the sun. She has not lived with a dog or very young children.

  • Glen

    Glen is the nicest cat in the world! He was handed in to the Shelter via SSPCA, and at first, he was so thin and bedraggled, we thought he was an old cat. But he isn't, he has been health checked and blood tested and is healthy, but had obviously had a hard life and been short of food. He is putting on weight and the vet is delighted with his progress.
    He just loves people and attention and would purr all day long. He still look bedraggled, but he's getting there. The vet estimates him to be around 6 years old. We are looking for someone who will love and spoil this lovely cat.

  • Murphy

    Murphy is a nice black/white male cat, slightly fluffy coat. He was handed in from a vet, as he had been a stray and no one had claimed him. We estimate him to be around 2 years old. Quite a playful, lively cat.

  • Ruby

    Ruby is around 18 months old, very affectionate friendly cat, loves being patted and getting attention, but absolutely HATES any other cat. She will make a great pet, but needs to be the only animal in the house.

  • Suki

    Suki is a nice black/white 11 year old female cat . Will make a lovely companion cat in a quieter household.

  • Thomas

    Thomas , gorgeous 2 year old male cat, very freindly, has been kept as an indoor cat up till now.

  • Timmy

    Timmy is a big friendly ginger cat, 5 years old, whose owner has died. We don't have much information about him, apart from the fact he has not loved with other cats or dogs.

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