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  • Cheeky

    Cheeky is a handsome black/ white boy around 3 years old. Quiet gentle nature, who would be best suited to a quiet household.

  • Felix

    Felix is a lovely boy around 3 years old.This wee fellow came into the Shelter with very sore skin, which we think has been due to a severe flea allergy which had never been treated. He looks 100% better now, but a new owner will have to keep up regular flea treatments with a product from their vet. He is a great wee guy, a bit shy to start with,  but gentle nature.

  • Luna

    Luna is a pretty tabby/ white girl. We have absolutely no background on her at all. She seems to have been passed from pillar to post, she is now neutered, but the vet tells us she has had kittens in the past. She is a  vocal cat and we think she would like to have access to outside, but we would not recommend that she is rehomed with young children.

  • Mittens

    Mittens' owner has sadly died , so Mittens is now looking for a permanent home, she is overweight and a new owner is advised not to over feed her, or give her treats. She is around 9 years old, has been a very much loved cat, and has a nice nature. She does however hate other cats, and needs to be an only cat. She also loves being outside, and is currently so fed up being cooped up at the Shelter, she absolutely longs for a home of her own.

  • Mitzi

    Mitzi is a beautiful 3 and a half year old female cat, who has been accustomed to getting outside.

  • Molly

    Molly is a lovely tabby / tortie girl 9 years old. A sweet cat with a nice nature. Sadly her owner has died and Molly had nowhere to go, so she has been brought to the Shelter for rehoming.

  • Ollie

    Ollie is a handsome black/ white cat around 9 years old. We do not have a great deal of information about him, as his owner has been taken into care. Gentle cat who would probably be best as the only cat in a house.

  • Tommy

    Tommy is a very handsome dark tabby/ white boy 6 years old. He has been brought all the way from Newcastle, as , we were told, there was no rescue centre that had room to take him in. Nice cat, who would probably be happy as the only cat in a household.

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