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  • Buddy

    Buddy is a 4 year old male cat, nice quiet friendly cat. Loves attention !

  • Cally

    Cally is a 2 year old female cat. Nice gentle wee cat, who needs to be in a home with no other cats, as it seems that sharing a house with another cat causes Cally stress. She would love to settle in a quiet household.

  • Cheeky

    Cheeky is a 6 year old male cat, very handsome. He was initially rather shy, but once you send a few minutes with him, he becomes more confident and comes to you for attention. As far as we know , he has been allowed outside in his previous home. He needs an experineced cat owner, and a home with no very young children or other cats. He will take attention on his terms for a few minutes , but then that's enough for him. He had an independent nature.

  • Curly

    Curly came into the Shelter as a stray cat. He is by no means a pedigree, but has the same curly coat as a La Perm or Selkirk Rex cat. He looks rather the worse for wear at the moment , but will be very handsome once his coat comes in properly. He is very excited at the sight of food as he had been living rough so he was not being fed on a regular basis.  Really nice sociable nature.

  • Frankie

    Frankie is a quiet , gentle , 2 year old male cat. Nice natured wee cat.

  • Mogli

    Mogli is quite a character. He is 9 years old , we have found him at the Shelter to have a lovely friendly, well socialised nature. He has been fullly health checked, and is a cat who would like access to outside. 

  • Oscar

    Oscar is a gentle wee ginger male cat, estimated to be around 4 years old. Quiet wee fellow who came into the Shelter as a stray , so we have no background on him, nice natured fellow.

  • Pebbles

    Pebbles is a pretty little black cat with one white spot on her chest. WE estimate her to be between 3 and 4 years old. Lovely nature, quiet, gentle little cat.

  • Reilly

    Reilly is a handsome fluffy black/ white male cat, 18 months old. We were told he has been kept as an indoor cat. Nice freindly wee cat.

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