Cat Currently Looking for Homes

Susie is a dark tortie female youngster, she was rehomed, but the current cat in her new home and Susie did not like each other's company, although she is being fostered by a family who have a cat, and they get along famously.

Martha is an attractive grey tabby female , we estimate around 4- 5 years old, we have no background on her at all, but she seems a friendly, sociable cat.

Mitzi is a gorgeous girl. 2 years old. She was rehomed a few days ago, but unfortunately two family members are highly allergic to her, so she is back in the Shelter.

Lucky is a dark tortie girl, 4 years old,/ She is a gentle friendly cat, easily startled at the moment, would make a lovely pet, but a quiet home would suit her best, we feel.

Fred a very handsome 3 year old boy, nice cat


Sox, handsome ginger/ white boy between 2 and 3 years old

Kaidy is a very attractive 7 year old female fluffy cat. She has been much loved but her owner is moving away to England to sheltered housing where taking Kaidy was not an option.

Poppy a pretty little black/ white female only 18 months old

Diamond is a lovely black/ white female , 2 and a half years old.


Lea is 16 months old, she came into the Shelter with a litter of kittens which are now rehomed. Lea  is a sociable cat , she came into the Shelter with her siister Zara and they are currently very relaxed sharing the same pen, though the 2 cats do not need to be homed together. They are absolutely identical , apart form a few white hairs on her sister's back foot.

Dotty is a black/ white female cat perhaps 18 months old? If anyone deserves a great home, it's Dotty! She was one of several homeless cats living in a garden, being fed by a kind local resident, who gained her confidence. She was pregnant at the time, her kittens are now rehomed and she has been neutered. She is a very settled relaxed cat, who seems to take life in her stride. She is currently being fostered and enjoying the comforts of being in a house again.

Zara , is a black female , 16 months old. She is  a lovely friendly cat who came in with her sister Lea, they get on well together and share a pen. They are also identical apart from a few white hairs on her back foot!

Spirit is a large grey/ white male cat 7 years old. He came into the Shelter because his owner had died. 

To see some of Fife Cat Shelter's recent activities, please download the New Winter 2014 News Letter.

Donations: Fife Cat Shelter is registered with Virgin Money Giving to make it easier for our supporters to make donations and to help raise vital funds to keep the shelter running. When adopting a cat, please consider paying your donation through this service as it allows us to automatically reclaim tax through the Inland Revenue Gift Aid scheme. 

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Please phone between 9.30am and 7pm - Messages can be left on the answer machine after 7pm and will be replied to the following day, or in a case of urgency, if possible, replied to the same evening.

Please note, cats handed into the Shelter as strays are kept for 10 days and then rehomed if there is no evidence of ownership e.g. collar with name tag, or microchip, or if we are not contacted within that time by an owner. Because of the volume of requests to take in cats, we cannot keep cats for a longer time before finding new homes for them.

If owners wish us to take in their cat(s) for rehoming, there is a minimum donation fee of £10 which goes towards a veterinary check up and feeding the cat(s)

If you wish to offer a cat a home, please read the following:

There is a donation charge for neutered adult cats of £70  and the donation for a kitten is £60  - but please read further on the Kitten page

Please consider carefully before offering a cat/kitten a home, as veterinary costs can be high. For example, it costs approximately £75 to neuter a cat and any kitten homed by us must be neutered by its new owner at the appropriate time. Vaccinations, initially done at 9 then 12 weeks cost approx. £60 , and there is a booster then due every year of approx. half the first cost. It is therefore advisable to take out pet insurance. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept cats for re-homing which have serious health problems, as they are virtually impossible to re-home.

Stray and Lost / Missing Cats

Fife Cat Shelter recommends that you have your cat micro-chipped in case he/she goes missing.

Please read our Policy for Stray and Unidentified Cats.


Causeway Cattery logo

Many of our cats are boarded at Causeway Cottage Cattery, Scotlandwell (KY13 9JQ) - we would recommend this Cattery to anyone, it offers the highest standard of cat care.

However if you wish to see the cats at Causeway Cattery you must phone Rhona 01383 830286, and not the cattery directly.

Rhona will then arrange for you to visit the cats.